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Effortless Messaging Stay connected with your customers and respond quickly to enquiries. All customer messages are collated and clearly presented, allowing you to stay in touch and respond efficiently to enquiries. Flag important messages and split it by groups. Make inner notes for user be working in team. See all purchase made by this customer. Have all user data handy. Use prebuild templates to answer quick. Customize templates or create your own. Manage all E-bay channels in one place.

Our featured tools

Sales patterns on home page

See everyday sales volume and understand channel sales patterns. See clearly your bottom line profit. We put all high importance issueas in one place. Messages, items with unselling price,

E-bay, Amazon profit report

See every sale with fee, item cost and profit. Instant acces to profit. Adjust your sales price on the go.

All channels in line

Just a look to understend how many items are in warehouse, cost, where the item is listed, quantity, current pricing, position ranking and profit per channel.

Amazon BuyBox cracker

With this tracker check who is winner, what is winning price - predict your sales.

BuyBox log for all active items

As pilot need map we need some picture of what going on with BuyBox for every particular ASIN. Is anybody using repricer? Is Amazon allowing take BuyBox at all? How long could you be in BuyBox? Does BuyBox is taken by lowest sale price - all that is seing from log. It starting to be natural to brifly check all this info and immidiately ajust your strategy.

How it works

Just connect channels

Following easy steps connect your channels and immediately get acces to messanger, amazon tracker and detailed reports

Customize your profile

Rework response templates regarding your business, mark messages by issuу type, messanger is 100% ready

Stock / Price management

Autobuild or upload by CSV your inventory, match it by SKU and start working with prices, channel sales hystory, .

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  • up to 1 channel of each type
  • up to 50 messages per month
  • Crack 1 Amazon BuyBox ASIN with 30 min timeframe.
  • BuyBox history for 30 active products with competitor ID and vin price
  • Email customer support
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  • UP to 10 channels and unlimited messages.
  • Up to 5 Amazon BuyBox deail ASIN trackers with 5 min step.
  • BuyBox competitors history for all active products with competitor ID and vin price
  • Acces to all β products we are testing in prelaunch stage.
  • Email customer support
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